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At MarketSolve, we know that one of the most challenging areas for businesses offering investment property is generating Quality Qualified Appointments.


A lack of a thorough understanding of the rigorous lending criteria such as security required and serviceability means that many contact centres will set appointments with home owners that do not have the ability to borrow the required funds to purchase an investment property.


At MarketSolve, all appointments set have been qualified by one of our  In-House Certified Finance Brokers where income, asset and liability details of the lead have been run through our serviceability calculator to ensure they will meet the minimum qualification criteria.


All our marketers are also specifically trained to generate leads of the  Highest Quality for companies marketing investment property where all appointments set have a genuine interest as well as the ability to invest in property.


All this means a Higher Sales Conversion rate for you and your in-home consultants. We’re so confident in our ability to generate quality qualified appointments, we charge on a per appointment commission only basis and guarantee their quality.


So why not let us do what we do best - set up and confirm quality qualified appointments and free up your time to focus on your core business ..... Making More Sales!


Our Process

Stage One

This is the initial contact call where we take a questionnaire survey approach. Our marketers contact leads from our database and capture information (e.g. employment details, number of dependents, assets, liabilities, age group, etc). The purpose of this call is not to set up an appointment but rather to filter out leads which do not meet the minimum qualification criteria.

Stage Two

After capturing this information, one of our in-house finance team will run each lead’s details through our Serviceability Calculator to ensure that they have the income and assets to service their current living expenses, home and personal loan(s) as well as obtain the finance to purchase an investment property in addition to their current committments.

Stage Three

Each lead is then called for the purpose of setting an appointment. Rapport is built and we establish their level of interest to pay off their mortgage sooner, use tax effectively to achieve financial freedom and a passive income for a comfortable retirement. If the lead is qualified and genuinely interested in discussing strategies further, an appointment is scheduled.

Stage Four

A call is made within 24 hours (usually the same day) of the appointment to confirm the time and location and to ensure that both partners will be present at the scheduled time. We make sure the lead knows the name of your consultant and we continue to build rapport and credibility so that they are comfortable that a consultant will be coming out to see them at their home.


Our Service

We offer Quality Qualified Appointments with home owners that have a genuine interest in investment property strategies and the benefits it offers. These leads are rigorously qualified and must meet the following minimum initial qualification criteria:

  *     The lead must own or be paying off their home or property
  *     The lead must be working and earning regular income(s)
  *     The lead must have an established interest in learning about investment property strategies
  *     The lead must agree to giving information required for our Serviceability Calculator Test

Once the above criteria is met, the lead then needs to pass our Finance Serviceability Calculator Test based on the purchase of an investment property in addition to their current financial commitments.


All appointments will be scheduled at your consultants preferred time and geographical area. Our marketers will identify themselves as representatives of your organisation and ensure that your business message is communicated to your prospective clients.


Your potential clients will know the name of your consultant and the appointment process before your consultant goes out to see them and we also ensure that the credibility of your organisation has been built with the lead prior to the scheduled appointment.


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